Baby Two Bumpdate: 8 Months

8 months pregnant

How Far Along:

8 months

Feeling Physically:

Oh man, these last few days have been rough. For starters, I feel like a whale! Also, our little lady is now head down (yay) but that means kicks to the ribs and knee bumps to the abdomen.

It is getting cramped in there and sometimes I wonder how she will continue to have room to grow!

Feeling Mentally:

Being a toddler mom has me exhausted (what’s new right?). Otherwise, I am feeling great.

We have had some amazing weather here recently and the grass is green and the trees are blooming so my mood is great. 

Maternity Clothes:


Sleeping Well?:

See above! Pretty bad for the last week but that is not the fault of pregnancy. As you may have seen in a previous post we have started to transform Asher’s unused nursery into a toddler room which means he now has a twin size floor bed.

He LOVES this bed but still loves sleeping with mama most of the time so it has been Asher, baby sister, and I cramming ourselves into the tiny bed for sleep at times. Not so great. 

Missing Anything:

Thankfully no.

Food Cravings:

Not cravings really but man oh man did I take advantage of the well-stocked Easter baskets we received! SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE!



Labor signs:

Nothing too concerning but I have had a handful of irregular contractions in the last month. It has never been more than one but they have been more than Braxton Hicks. 

Wedding rings on or off?:

Still on… for now.

Looking Forward to:

Meeting our little lady in just a few short weeks!

Exercise regimen:

I have officially retired from running 2 weeks ago until after baby.

I feel great while running but my hips are so sore after that I have decided to stick to walking for the remainder. Luckily with the great weather, I have gotten in quite a few long walks recently. 

Difference from 1st pregnancy:

The hip pain is still coming and going due to how she is sitting. She is still very low in my pelvis, which I am a-okay with, but it has resulted in quite a few painful kicks to the ribs!

With Asher, he was transverse at this time so most of his movement was in the soft tissue of the abdomen and it is certainly a different sensation when foot meets bone. 

Favorite part so far:

Watching our little family prepare for her arrival. There isn’t the worry of the unknown this time around.

Granted I don’t know what it is like to have more than one, so that will be an adjustment, but I do know what a baby is like so I feel prepared in that sense.

I also love watching our home transform to accommodate her. One of my favorite things over the years has been watching our home change and grow and now we are making room for another!



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