Bumpdate: 7 Months

7 months pregnant. Pregnancy number two

How Far Along:

7 months! Say what!?

Feeling Physically:

I am feeling huge! Even though I feel like a walking whale though, I still feel pretty good physically! I am feeling pretty energetic and that has been useful considering the toddler I have to chase around.

The hip/sacrum pain has subsided for the most part. I have done some research and learned it is likely a combination of how little lady is positioned and good ol’ hormones and since it isn’t a daily thing anymore I haven’t sought treatment.

Feeling Mentally:

Great! Even though I am officially in the 3rd trimester I still have the second-trimester energy so I feel wonderful!

Maternity Clothes:



In the last month, I have moved to sleeping on the couch to help with hip and back discomfort I get from sleeping on my sides. Even with the million pillows in bed, I am not able to get very comfortable in our bed but our wonderfully comfy couch has been great for sleeping!

Missing Anything:


Food Cravings:

There hasn’t been anything that I have HAD TO HAVE this last month. I am still trying my darnest to eat 85-90% healthy, but we’ve given in to tasty temptations.



Labor signs:

Not labor specifically but good ol’ Braxton Hicks contractions have hit hard this last month.

Wedding rings on or off:

They’re still on.

Looking Forward to:

Checking things off the “To Do Before Little Lady” list.

Exercise regimen:

I have been staying active chasing Asher around each day. We have also had some pretty great days of 60-degree weather here and there so I have been able to get in a few runs and walks.

I haven’t done as much organized lifting as I would like but Asher is nearly 30lbs and I lift him MANY times a day so that counts for something.

Truthfully I feel like I am in better shape this time around even without daily organized workouts. Life is giving me the work.

Differences from 1st pregnancy:

This little lady is positioned much different than her brother. Around this time with Asher he was laying transverse and so feeling kicks and hiccups was much different.

Little lady is head down and so most movements are felt in my pelvic area and I get kicks in the upper belly from her not so tiny (seriously even the ultrasound tech mentioned how large her feet are) feet.

I have also noticed my belly feels lower, like she is positioned much lower than Asher was and considering the TWO days it took to bring Asher earth side I am all for a low sitting baby.

Favorite part so far:

I love feeling her move. She is so active and I can’t wait to see how that translates to her personality when she is born.

She is super active at night when it is just her and I. Sometimes I think it is her way of saying “Sheesh finally! Just us girls!”. She loves to hear my (not so great) singing when I sing with Asher.

It has also been so fun watching Asher interact with his “babee siser”. He likes to pull my shirt up and talk into my belly button (like it is a direct line to her). He has taken to telling her goodnight and kissing and hugging my belly when we lay down to go to sleep.

I have also loved all the tiny pink things that have started moving into our house. The itty-bitty clothes and the girly things have been so much fun to see around.   

7 months pregnant. 27 weeks pregnant.
Decided to include the little munchkin in the picture. Also ignore the sloppiness of the wrap job, we are out of practice and he wiggles. 

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