Bumpdate: 5 Months Pregnant

20 week pregnancy update. Third pregancy

We’ve made it to 5 months pregnant littlest lady! I am so happy to finally be on this side of pregnancy! Those first few months were a mash-up of worry, joy, midnight research, switching doctors…

It is just such a relief to be here where I feel like I can sit back and enjoy the rest of this beautiful journey!

Baby Update:

Baby is officially a girl! We were able to see her in the anatomy scan last week and it was such fun! We were able to see that she is developing beautifully and was super active. She was kicking and rolling all over.

Speaking of, she has been super active these last two weeks. I felt the first “I think that was baby” occasional flutters at 14-16 weeks.

During weeks 17-18 those little flutters became very obvious little one kicks. Last week even the hubs was able to feel a tiny kick. She is most active at night when we lay down to put the other kids to bed.

Mama Feeling Physically:

Overall I am feeling much better. Over the last two weeks I have discovered my body needs protein first thing in the morning. Otherwise I find myself having episodes of nausea and dizziness that require me to sit down.

I have been able to be more physically active and I am feeling stronger and less sluggish each day.

I am still tired and wishing I could nap most days but I think that is just the nature of being pregnant with two little ones at home.

Mama Feeling Mentally/Emotionally:

Being able to feel baby girl moving around has given me such relief. I am also feeling much more comfortable with our medical team and am feeling some of the worry slip away.

Maternity Clothes?:

Yes for good at this point.

Mama Missing Anything?:

I would love a good ceaser salad! Otherwise there isn’t anything I am missing from pre-pregnancy

Food Cravings:

I don’t know that it is a pregnancy-induced craving but more a shouldn’t-have-it craving, but I would love that Caesar salad.


Baby girl!!

Exercise Routine:

Being 5 months pregnant makes exercise more difficult but I have had the chance to get back into working out at least a handful of times each week. I have run a few times, but the pelvic pressure is already a bit much so I don’t know if running will last much longer… we will see.

I am weight lifting making sure to switch from lower reps/higher weight to higher reps/lower weight.

Having added exercise back into my routine (thank you decent weather), I am feeling better and stronger.

Differences from Other Pregnancies:

I feel like I look further along than I did at 5 months pregnant with the first two pregnancies. I am working to re-frame my thought process from body shame to being happy my body knows what it needs to do to keep baby girl safe and healthy.

Favorite Part so Far:

Seeing baby girl! Making it to 5 months pregnant! Learning she is a girl! Knowing she is healthy.

Here’s a glimpse of the weeks leading up to being 5 months pregnant!!

This baby girl is proudly showing she is here!

17 weeks

17 weeks pregnant

18 weeks

18 weeks pregnant

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