We are pregnant! Pregnancy annoucement

Big Things Come in Tiny Packages

I am so excited to finally be able to share our exciting news!


I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks but we opted to wait to share the good news.

Not sure if I can explain it, but I knew I was pregnant. I just felt different and so before I had even missed my cycle I took two tests.

Pregnant announcement

was the slightest bit worried that my brain had just led me on so I took the tests while the hubs was at work so I could wallow in disappointment alone if need be. When both tests came back with big, fat positives I proceeded to jumps around yelling like a teenage girl for five minutes.

Then I had to wait three hours before the hubs was home to share the news. In the meantime, I crafted up the following to share the news and put it on the table. As soon as the hubs got home I shoved him into the dining room to take a look (what can I say three hours was a long time to wait!) He was pumped and all smiles when he saw the announcement. 

Pregnant announcement

We have been so excited to share this news! Right now we’re 11 weeks along and our estimated due date is April 2nd.

So far this pregnancy, things have been pretty easy except that I have been battling pretty awesome morning sickness and exhaustion over the last six weeks. But no worries I’ll fill you in along the way because staring soon I will begin posting weekly bumpdates, ’cause hey why not?

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