Big News! Second Pregnancy Announcement!

Pregnant with number two

If you have happened to stop by here over the years, you have probably noticed I have been MIA for the last month or so.

Let me start by saying sorry loves, it truly wasn’t my intention but you see I have been busy with a new project and just waiting a bit to tell you all about it.

Our Family Has Some Good News

Is it a new business venture? No, I am still working an office job and crafting on the side.

Is it a new house? Well we’ve been looking but no we are hanging around here a bit longer.

It is even better ladies and gents. Our little clan is getting a little bigger! That’s right friends, we are pregnant with little baby #2!

Expecting Baby Number Two!

This little one will be joining our family at the end of May 2016. Baby’s arrival will be not too long after his or her brother turns 2 so next summer I will officially be a mom of a newborn and rambunctious toddler (OH MY!)

As of right now, I am just a little over 16 weeks along. With Asher, we spilled the beans around eight weeks but with this little bundle, we decided to keep it our secret for a little longer. A scare in early pregnancy solidified our decision to keep this news to ourselves for a few extra months.

Second Pregnancy Differences?

Growing this little bean has been a little completely different than my pregnancy with Asher. This go around I have been slapped in the face with nausea and fatigue!

I anticipated being more tired as I am not a first time mom who can take naps and relax on the couch with Netflix, rather I am a mom of a crazy, active toddler and rest would come whenever he decided to slow down and sleep (which for a few weeks was not much at all…toddler sleep patterns are terrible).

This fatigue was greater than I expected. I also only experienced very mild nausea with Asher, but this one has had me calling into work a few times because I couldn’t even talk to patients without fear of vomiting on the keyboard (thank God I work from home).

The first eleven weeks were full of ups and downs of rough patches. I was sure I had made it to the end of the tunnel one moment only to feel like I was dying in the next.

All of this made trying to manage the roles of mom, wife, and employee a struggle at times, so sadly the blog and shop were left neglected. (insert sad face).

But the good news is I DID make it to the end of the tunnel somewhere between weeks 13 and 14 and now I am finally basking in the glow of the second trimester!

I am so excited to share this journey to mom-of-two with all of you. If you have more than one, what tips, tricks or advice do you have? Come on, I’ll take it all!

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