Hi there! My name is Justina.

I am the creator and founder of Well Planned Paper and I am excited to share a little bit about myself with you today!

Here we go…

I am lucky to be the wife to an amazing man and a homeschooling mama to three little loves, Asher, Ellery, and Amelia. 

I have had a passion (obsession) for organizing for as long as I can remember.

I am passionate about helping busy, overwhelmed moms finally overcome the overwhelm.

I love writing and journaling and am usually not without my planner.

I am a lover of sweet tea and love a good organizational project.

I am a Jesus follower. 

I love hosting friends and putting together simple, but cute birthday parties for my kiddos.

I have a bachelors and masters degree in Athletic Training and worked for nearly twelve years on the sidelines or in the clinic providing medical care to patients and athletes.

I left the corporate world in early 2021 to pursue my passion at Well Planned Paper fully!

Where it All Began

The Well Planned Mama
The Well Planned Mama

The Hubs and I met while in college and were engaged to be married after I finished graduate school.

I originally began this space as a blog to document our wedding planning journey. 

Shortly after we were married we dove head first into home ownership. 

Then we were blessed with an even bigger change in 2013. 

Becoming Mama

In 2014 the Hubs and I welcomed our first little love and son, Asher into the world. 

Life as we knew it would be forever changed by this little being. 

Motherhood quickly became the best part of my life.

The Well Planned Mama
The Well Planned Mama

A short two years later we welcomed our first daughter Ellery in a style all her own. 

Life with two little ones was an amazing, yet sometimes stressful adventure. 

The Well Planned Mama

And in 2019, we welcomed our finale and littlest lady, Amelia.

Life with three has taken our lives by storm and we are learning each day how to manage this beautiful chaos. 

VBAC Birth experience
The Well Planned Mama

Well Planned Paper

Since becoming a mom I have experienced time and time again the weight of this amazing job.

There is so much joy and wonder in this job, but the mental load is very real!

9 months pregnant
The Well Planned Mama
The Well Planend Mama
The well planned mama on the couch with three children while trying to get work done on the computer.
The Well planned mama picture of pregnant women with two children and husband taken by Kates Takes
by katestakes

As a mom I realize how difficult it can be to manage a home, children, and myself. 

There were so many time I felt like I was drowning under all that needed to be done. 

From household chores to keeping the little ones alive to paying bills to planning birthday parties to scheduling doctor’s appointments…

I felt like I couldn’t make heads of it all.  

No matter how hard I tried, it felt like I never made progress. 

After yet another week flew by and I could hardly remember what had happened and I felt no further accomplished, I decided to make a change. 

I was tired of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed all the time. 

I was over feeling like I couldn’t take a breath and simply enjoy this little family of mine.

It is because of such a deep desire to enjoy this fleeting time in our lives that I began searching for better ways to organize life.

After trying (and failing) to find a planner that did for me everything I needed, I got to work creating my own. And that is where Well Planned Paper was born.

I am passionate about home and life organization

I am driven to create a life of simplicity and joy. 

And I am excited to share that with you!

I love helping moms transform their life processes so they can truly and fully love on their babies.

I am passionate about helping moms just like me, find ways to take care of themselves and their families all while ENJOYING the life they have. 

I hope you enjoy your time here!

Leave a comment, I’d love to get to know you!