9 Months Pregnant Bumpdate

9 months pregnant

We are officially 9 months pregnant and into the home stretch of our little lady’s development. It has not become a waiting game to see what day she will choose for her birthday.

9 months pregnant
Photo by the talented Kate at Kates Takes

Baby Update:

Our littlest lady is doing great. She is as active as ever and as of yesterday dropped, letting us know she is getting closer to picking a birthday.

Mama Feeling Physically:

I must admit that I am ready to have this baby! I am to the point in pregnancy where I uncomfortable more often than not. My feet and hands have started their end of pregnancy swelling and I feel like a giant water balloon. As much as I love being pregnant, I am just ready to regain some physical comfort.

Irregular contractions have become a part of my daily routine for the last week. Each day I pray that they will be more productive and maybe, just maybe, today will be the day.

Last month I visited the chiropractor a few times and thankfully just those few adjustments have alleviated my left hip and sacral pain.

9 months pregnant
Picture captured by our resident 5-year-old photographer

Mama Feeling Mentally/Emotionally:

Excited, impatient and bittersweet. I am excited and impatient because I am so very ready to meet this little lady. Each day I am edging closer to meeting her. Our bags packed and the house ready and I am ready to have her in my arms.

At the same time though I am having moments where I realize that this is my last time being pregnant. This is the last time I will be blessed with kicks and wobbles in my womb. And realizing this, I am trying my best to push the impatience to the side and embrace and enjoy these last few moments of being pregnant.

I am also excited to see how our littlest lady fits into the family. She is so prayed and wished for and everyone is eagerly awaiting her arrival. It will be fun to watch Asher become a big brother of two sisters. I can’t wait to see Ellery fill her role as big sister. We are all looking forward to snuggling our sweet baby girl!

Maternity Clothes?:

Of course!

Missing Anything?:

My feet and ankles looking normal. Being able to wear my wedding rings. And the ability to move and do without limitation.

Food Cravings:

Cold drinks.


Baby girl!

Exercise Routine:

Mostly just focusing on moving a bit each day. Trying to stay active with the kids. Walks have been a priority and I am hoping to add more in the coming days. Hopefully, this will help little lady get into an optimal position.

Differences from Other Pregnancies:

As I say every month… feeling huge! I feel like I look huge and she feels huge! I am nervous and excited to see just how much she weighs at birth.

9 months pregnant

Favorite Part so Far:

I will sound like a broken record but this whole pregnancy it has been watching Asher and Ellery include her already. No matter what we are doing Ellery always includes this little lady. She talks about her like she is already here! Ellery loves to kiss and hug my belly any time I leave, just to make sure her baby sister also gets a farewell greeting.

with baby sister

Asher is excited to be a big brother again! Here lately he has been asking why God thought he would be strong enough to be a big brother to two sisters. He takes so much pride in his role!

Excited Older Siblings

Both Asher and Ellery ask every Tuesday to “see baby sister” which means reading how big she is per my pregnancy app. They giggle over the weird objects she is “as big as” and ask questions about her development. Both kiddos love to see her squirm and feel her kick. They both like to know “what’s that?” and learn what bumps are what in my belly.

37 weeks pregnant

And of course, I love having so many moments with this little lady. I love feeling her kick and imagining what she will be like.

She is kicking and moving more than her siblings ever did and I wonder if she will be more energetic (yikes). Yet she has a pretty strict routine of activity and sleep each day, so maybe she will be a bit type A like her mama.

Overall I am just so excited and anxious to have her in my arms. I am excited to experience her grow into a person and to see who she will become.

I can’t believe I am finally 9 months pregnant and this is my last bumpdate! The next time I share a belly picture on this blog it will hopefully be her birth story!

Maternity Pictures

This month my incredibly talented grad-school bff, and creator at Kates Takes, came all the way up from Georgia and took maternity pictures for us. It was such a fun and funny experience (hello tight maternity dresses) and I am beyond grateful for these pictures. I will cherish these pictures forever!

By the talented Kate at Kates Takes
By the talented Kate at Kates Takes
By the talented Kate at Kates Takes
By the talented Kate at Kates Takes
By the talented Kate at Kates Takes

After a pregnancy that has been filled with comments on my size, seeing these pictures reminds me of the beauty that is pregnancy!

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