8 Months Pregnant Bumpdate

8 months pregnant

It is feeling so very real now! We are 8 months pregnant! It is unbelievable that this new little one will be joining us sometime NEXT month! Ahh! I am so excited!

8 months pregnant

Baby Update

Littlest lady is doing great! She helps to calm my nerves by being super active. She loves to make use of all the space she has in there and loves to stretch out as much as she can.

This week we had another ultrasound to evaluate placenta location as it was low at the last ultrasound. Thankfully everything looks perfect. The placenta has moved up and away from the cervix, baby girl is head down, and everything looks great!

Mama Feeling Physically:

Huge. No other way around it. For my other summertime preggo mamas, is the feeling of being huge exacerbated by the heat? I have certainly had my fill of people commenting on how big my belly is or how I will “never make it to August!” I know they mean well but it is frustrating to have my body commented on all. the. time.

32-33 weeks pregnant

As much as I have enjoyed being pregnant, I will admit summer pregnancies are not something I enjoy. This Midwest humidity and heat has been brutal! Being outside this last week has almost been unbearable!

Thankfully sleep is something I am getting plenty of most nights so no complaints there.

Other than the heat my only real complaint is a return of hip pain that plagued me with Ellery’s pregnancy as well as some occasional back pain. I have a few chiropractic sessions in my future to hopefully alleviate some of the discomfort.

Mama Feeling Mentally/Emotionally:

After the ultrasound this week, I am feeling so much relief! I have the green light on a VBAC and our littlest lady is healthy and doing well.

32 weeks pregnant

Even with this recent good news, I do still find myself full of worry about what are seemingly little things. After talking with my doctor it seems like I will likely not have a reduction in my anxiety until she is here. After Ellery’s birth, the effects of that trauma are still very real and I am worried about this little lady often.

I am also mentally struggling with how big I am this pregnancy. I haven’t gained much weight but I still feel huge. It has been a struggle to remain confident and comfortable in this new body.

Maternity Clothes?:

Of course! I still think it is easier to dress a winter bump but we are making due around here.

Missing Anything?:

Being able to move as easily as I did before. I miss being able to play rough with the kids and run with them. Also running! I am so envious of all the runners out there right now.

Food Cravings:

Cold things. Drinks, ice water. WATERMELON.


Baby girl!

Exercise Routine:

A few organized workouts in the last few weeks but mostly just staying active with the kids.

32 weeks pregnant

We have gone on long walks, bike rides, and stayed busy with household projects.

Differences from Other Pregnancies:

Feeling (and apparently appearing) so much bigger than before. The few episodes of back pain are something I have never experienced before with either other pregnancy. And of course, adjusting to the summer heat.

Realizing that third pregnancies really do reflect a “prepared body”. I feel like my body is giving our tiny baby so much room to move. With how big I feel at 8 months pregnant, I am curious how much larger I will feel in the coming weeks?!

Favorite Part so Far:

Feeling her move! It is such an incredible thing to see little feet travel across my abdomen. I love learning her routines. For instance every night after I have been still in bed for 5-10 minutes she stretches out. My belly takes on the weirdest shapes as she stretches her legs out.

30 weeks pregnant with baby

I love how inclusive Asher and Ellery are already of her. Anytime they talk about the family they ALWAYS say “and baby sister”. Ellery loves to talk about all the things she is going to share with her baby sister. And Asher just lights up when he talks about how he is going to hold her. It makes me so happy to see them so happy for another little one!

It is hard to believe at 8 months pregnant we are only weeks away from meeting our little one!

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