7 months

Age: 7 months

Weight: Around 19 pounds according to our home scale.
Length: unknown
Head: unknown

Sleeping: This varies day to day. Sometimes he will sleep a few 3-4 hour stretches without waking, other times it seems like he is up every hour. Daylight savings killed us this week and he was getting up, ready to take on the day at 6 am. 

Milestones: Sitting up with no issue. He has mastered the spin-on-belly-then-log-roll-to-my-destination mode of transportation. I swear he will never crawl because he has perfected this method. 

Best Moments: Coming home from work each day and having him squeal with delight when he sees me. Also having him reach for me (my heart melts!). 

Hardest Moments: Separation anxiety! I can’t even turn my back to the little guy without him screaming. Car rides alone with him are hard because he doesn’t understand that I am right there. Though it is an amazing feeling to mean so much to the little guy, it breaks my heart to hear him cry when I leave. 

Baby’s Favorites: Cardboard boxes, plastic kitchen utensils. and his wooden blocks.  


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