7 Month Pregnant Bumpdate

7 months pregnant

We are officially in the home stretch! This pregnancy felt like it moved so slow through the first trimester. Every day felt so long and the weeks even slower. Then BAM second trimester is over. I can hardly believe here we are sitting in the third trimester! It feels so unreal that we will be welcoming home our final little one in just a couple short months!

Baby Update

Our little lady is doing great! She is moving and squirming every day! She is still very active at night, especially when we are settling down for the bed. It honestly feels like she moves more than either of the other two ever did. Not sure what that means for her earthside temperament. She seems to be positioned head down and loves to kick her little feet and knees. I have felt her hiccups nearly daily. She has grown big enough to see moving on the outside of my belly which has been fun sharing with Asher and Ellery.

Mama Feeling Physically:

Feeling huge! I don’t remember feeling this large with the other two but then again I haven’t ever been pregnant during the summer so I think that is playing a role.

So far I am surviving the summer heat, though there are still months left. Thankfully sleep hasn’t been difficult to come by this go around. Both older kiddos are sleeping through the night so this mama is finally getting some good rest.

Food and eating are still an up in the air for me. I can’t eat much at all without feeling nauseated so I am trying to keep meals small and focus on liquid calories as much as possible.

Mama Feeling Mentally/Emotionally:

Something about hitting this point has filled me with unbelievable excitement to welcome our little lady. I pulled out Ellery’s old newborn clothes and have started getting ready. Getting a space prepared for our new little lady has made everything feel so much more real.

7 month pregnant bump

I am so excited to have a little squishy baby in our home again soon. I can’t wait to see Ellery as a big sister and Asher continue to be the amazing big brother he is. Each day I imagine what she will look like? Who will she resemble? It is so exciting to see how she will fit into our family.

Maternity Clothes?:

Yes! But I must admit dressing the bump comfortably in the summer is a lot more difficult than the winter. I am missing those comfy yoga pants and big sweaters of my last two pregnancies.

Missing Anything?:

Comfy clothes.

Food Cravings:

Cold, cold drinks. I am a sucker for a freezing glass of lemonade or ice cold water.


Baby girl!

Exercise Routine:

In the last several weeks I haven’t completed any formal workouts but I have made it a priority to stay active in other ways. Nesting has hit hard and I have painted, gardened, and rearranged our house on more than one occasion.

29 weeks pregnant

Being that it is summer we are hardly ever in our house. I have remained pretty active with bike rides, walks, games of tag, and other forms of younger kid outdoor fun.

Differences from Other Pregnancies:

I feel so much bigger, though the scale shows I really am not, than my other two pregnancies. I think the “well prepared” body I had from the other two has just given this little lady all the room to expand. I am sort of losing patience with the “oh honey are you sure there is only one in there?!”. Yes everyone… there is only one. And yes I realize I look like I am ready to pop.

Favorite Part so Far:

All her squirming and kicking! It is such an amazing thing to experience. I am so thankful that she is so active because it is truly a blessing after the trauma of Ellery’s birth.

7 months pregnant

I love watching Asher and Ellery so full of excitement for her. They talk about her like she is already here and it melts my heart. Every time we talk about going somewhere or doing something Ellery will say “and baby! She is in mama’s tummy”. They both love to give kisses and hugs to my belly and feel her move. Ellery also likes to keep tabs on my eating to make sure I am eating enough for her baby sister. Ellery loves talking about all the stuff she is going to share with her baby sister… toys, clothes, blankets, beds. They are both so excited!

7 months pregnant

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