6 Months Pregnant Bumpdate

Third pregnancy bumpdate. 6 months pregnant with third baby.

At the start of this pregnancy, it felt like this we were moving slowly. Each day I was worried for our little one’s safety. After Ellery’s birth, being pregnant this go-around has been filled with a higher degree of worry and anxiety around this pregnancy.

I struggled to not give in to worry during the first trimester, but things have improved now that I am 6 months pregnant. Each time I feel her little body squirm I am reminded of the miracle that she, and her siblings, truly are. I will continue to trust and have faith that this little lady will be perfect!

At 6 months pregnant, we are officially beyond halfway and now it seems like time is speeding up! How is it already May and how will she be here in just a few short months?!

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Baby Update:

Baby girl is doing great! She is measuring right on schedule at 6 months pregnant. She is squirming each day reminding us that she is there! Baby girl loves to hang out on the right side of my belly just like her siblings.

She seems to be switching back and forth between head down and laying transverse. It has been a fun game trying to figure out if it is knees or elbows that are poking around.

She appears to have a pretty solid schedule of awake times. Usually she is the busiest as her bigger siblings are being laid down to bed and again in the morning. She hasn’t yet woke me up with her movement but she is usually moving when I do wake in the night.

Third pregnancy. 26 weeks pregnant.

Mama Feeling Physically:

Feeling a bit of that second-trimester bliss. I am feeling good on most days and am not quite to the uncomfortable stages yet. I am trying to enjoy each moment of this last pregnancy.

Mama Feeling Mentally/Emotionally:

I love feeling her move. Each time she rolls around I try to slow down and take it in. It has hit me a few times that this is more than likely my last journey of pregnancy so I am really trying to brush away life’s stress and take it all in.

Tears are flowing more freely and more often this pregnancy than before. I am a sucker for an emotional mom video and have become extra sensitive to sentimental things these days.

I have struggled a bit this pregnancy with feeling like myself. After three years of being able to get up and go and push my body however I wanted, the adjustment to accepting slower and easier has been difficult to accept at times. Of course, it is all worth it and I would do it a million times over but it has been difficult at times to not feel as strong as before.

Maternity Clothes?:

Strechy waist bands for life! Or at least the next several months.

Mama Missing Anything?:

Being able to get up and go as easily. With two very active little ones to chase around, I feel the limitations of pregnancy as I try to chase after them.

Food Cravings:

Nothing anymore. I have moved solidly into the eat just to get rid of hunger. As the weather warms I am more naturally drawn to lighter fare so I am finding myself moving to more lower carb/less heavy foods as the heavier foods upset my stomach.


Baby girl! I think we’ve picked a name but I am not ready to share yet… just in case.

Mama’s Exercise Routine:

The hubs and I have been working out using Beach Body on Demand. I have to modify most moves by slowing down or picking a different move but it has still been an effective workout. I plan to continue these workouts throughout pregnancy.

With the weather warming up, we have been outside nearly every day and I have been more active with yard work and playing with the kids.

I am hoping to get into walking/jogging again and hopefully start regaining some endurance and strength again. I realize I am pregnant so I won’t be running any marathons in the next months, but I do hope to regain a bit of my old self before she arrives.

Differences from Other Pregnancies:

Full disclosure, I feel huge! I am struggling with feeling confident or even second-trimester- cute because I feel gigantic. Baby girl feels lower than the other two so movement is not as free as before.

Additionally, I still have bouts of lightheadedness and morning sickness if I don’t eat first thing in the morning. Overall things have been harder this go around but it is 100% worth it for our healthy baby girl!

Favorite Part so Far:

Getting to see the excitement on the faces of Asher and Ellery. They are so excited to have a baby sister in a few months! Ellery can’t wait to have a real baby in the house and Asher is such a great big brother he can’t wait to do it again.

They both love to “see how big the baby is” on my pregnancy app. Asher has been able to feel baby girl kicking and finds it fascinating. Ellery loves to run up to me and gently kiss my belly and then run off giggling. And Asher continues to be the protective, gentle big brother and loves to hug my belly and talk to baby sister.

third pregnancy
Last soccer game for Asher!

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