4 Daily Routines All Busy Moms Need

Mom-life is busy but having daily routines can help you to successfully manage each day.

Motherhood is an incredible journey but keeping small humans alive and thriving takes an incredible amount of work. Add into that maintaining a home, handling finances, working, school… and before you know it life doesn’t feel like such an incredible journey anymore.

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One thing that I have found to be vital when it comes to making sure life is enjoyed is to set up daily routines that make life flow better.

We can’t escape the to-dos of life but we can make sure that managing them each and every day doesn’t steal our joy.

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1. Morning Routine for Mom

Pouring from an empty cup is impossible yet so many of us moms are trying to do it every single day. The simple fact is we HAVE to make time for ourselves if we want to be able to be the best versions of ourselves.

Creating a time in the morning that is just for you is a great way to build in time for filling your own cup. Make sure that you are caring for yourself physically and mentally each morning.

Let me challenge you to set aside time every morning just for you. Start with 20 minutes to prep for the day, read your Bible, meditate, exercise, or simply get dressed without interruption.

It won’t always be easy but set your alarm and get out of bed earlier!

Book and Bible as part of a morning routine

Start simple and add to your morning routine as you feel like it. Make sure each thing you are doing is filling your cup, not draining it. Remember your morning routine is all about YOU so feel free to adjust and add to it as you feel like it.

When you build your routine be sure to add a mix of caring for your physical self (showering, getting dressed, working out) and mental health (journaling, Bible, meditation, devotional).

Having a morning routine that helps you care for yourself will leave you feeling more energized and ready to take on the day.

2. Morning Routine for Children

Children thrive on routine so start their day of with one. Having a morning routine in place for kids will help them know what to expect and what is expected of them every morning.

Be sure to include a time to wake up and what to do once they’re awake. For example: get dressed, tidy room, make the bed, eat breakfast, and brush teeth.

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As your kiddos adapt to their routines you will find that the weight of having to manage everyone’s mornings begins to disappear.

Creating or helping our children create morning (and other) routines helps them to learn responsibility for themselves and their time. Additionally, these routines will help take some of the burden of everyone’s days off your shoulders.

3. Evening Home Reset

I have to admit there is nothing quite as wonderful as waking up to a clean house.

Starting the day in a clean space is one of those things that helps to make the whole day run a little smoother.

Make this happen every day by implementing an evening home reset. This reset will be the most important reset of the day because it will be one that includes everyone.

Assign age-appropriate tasks to each member of the family: dishes, picking up toys, sweeping the kitchen, wiping down counters, etc. Next set a timer and turn on some music. Spend 20 minutes working together as a family and return your home to the tidy, start-of-the-day glory.

If you find that your little ones protest or your big ones (spouses) say it “can wait for tomorrow” encourage them and remind them of how good it feels to not have a dirty house on your to-do list first thing in the morning.

When the family works as a team to reset, the whole process will go more smoothly.

4. Bedtime Routine for Children

Tired, grumpy kiddos are one of the hardest versions of kids to work with. If you toss in there getting them to brush their teeth or pack their bookbags, well now everyone is grumpy.

Avoid the tired meltdown by creating an evening/bedtime routine for your children. Make a list of each thing you would like to see accomplished before laying their heads on their pillows and create a chart for them to check off before bedtime.

Some ideas include: packing homework into their bookbags, picking out their morning clothes, packing lunch, brushing their teeth, taking a shower, getting dressed for bed, or tidying up their bedrooms.

Just like a morning routine, an evening routine will help to instill good habits in your kids. Before long they will be taking care of these tasks without needing reminders.

Bonus Routine #5: 10 Minute Next-Day Prep

Set aside 10 minutes every night to take out your planner. Write out a quick plan for the next day. Be sure to review your time schedule for the day. Then pick out your top 3 tasks to accomplish. Finally, add any additional to-dos to your list. Peek at your dinner plan and pull out any ingredients you may need for the next day.

Taking time to prep for your day the evening before is a sure-fire way to be ready to take on the day!

Well Planned Daily Planner prepped for the next day

These are just a few routines that can help make the busy journey of motherhood a little easier. Comment below if you have another routine you love that has made your life easier.


Daily Routines for Busy Moms

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