7 Practical Tips for Decluttering Alongside Everyday Life

Keeping our living spaces clutter-free can seem like a Herculean task in the whirlwind of daily life, especially for those balancing work, family, and personal time. However, decluttering doesn’t have to be a monumental undertaking reserved for spare weekends, it can be something you do right alongside your everyday life.

With these 10 practical tips, you can integrate decluttering into your regular routine and achieve the clutter-free home and life you desire, without a mess of stress.

7 Tips to Make Decluttering Easier with a Busy Life

1. Start Small and Simple:

At the start of the year you might find yourself feeling like you need to “get it all done right away“, but remember, decluttering is a process and not one that has to be rushed. You are decluttering because you want less stress and overwhelm in your life, so let’s not add any of that negativity by trying to rush this process.

Begin with a drawer, a shelf, or a corner of a room. Small victories can be incredibly motivating and less overwhelming than tackling an entire house at once. Pick one space and start there.

2. Have Designated Containers for What’s Leaving

It is important that as you remove items from your home, you have a plan for what’s happening with them otherwise they will likely make their way back into your home. Each time you start a space, grab 3 containers: one for trash, one for items to sell, and one for items to donate. As you work through the space, toss each item you’re decluttering into one of those containers so you know it is handled.

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Once you’ve finished your decluttering overhaul, you can maintain a practice of decluttering by keeping these designated containers in your home for regular removal of items you’ve outgrown or no longer need. You can also keep a box somewhere that is more out of sight to prevent anyone in the family from coming in and removing items. Personally, I keep a box in my bedroom closet and another in our laundry room downstairs.

3. Sell or Donate Regularly:

Once your designated ‘donation box’ and ‘for sale’ boxes are full, donate the items to a local charity or list them for sale. By getting these items out of your home as quickly as possible you will prevent any chance of them integrating back into your home.

4. Set Decluttering Appointments:

Many people often shy away from embarking on decluttering because they assume the process will be a big and time-consuming project. While it will take time to achieve any goal, never let the time needed for decluttering deter you from doing it. As mentioned above, declutter slowly, one space at a time and make sure it happens by scheduling time each week to address an area. Write into your planner a decluttering appointment and honor it the same way you would any other appointment. By scheduling these appointments you will have a set time for working on decluttering and you will know the work is fitting into your schedule.

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5. Make It a Family Activity:

Involve your family members, especially children, in decluttering. Let the family know what space you will be working in and then assign each member of the family a job within that space. Little ones can help carry items to the donation boxes while bigger kids can help decide what is staying.

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Involving the family will help to create a culture within your home of being clutter-free. Use this time to talk with your family about the reasons why you are decluttering and how research has shown less clutter results in a less stressed home.

When the whole family is on board, it is easier to maintain a clutter-free home.

6. Join a Decluttering Challenge:

Make decluttering fun by joining a decluttering challenge alongside other people. Ask friends and family to join or join the New Year Declutter Challenge here at Well Planned Paper. My Decluttering Challenge will walk you through each space, one day at a time, via email for one month. By the end of the month, you will have worked through your entire home, including your vehicles!

The New Years Declutter plan printable image

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7. Use Fun Declutter Printables:

There is no denying it, crossing something off a list or filling in a box is motivating and that’s why declutter printables are so helpful! As mentioned above, join a decluttering challenge and use a decluttering printable to help track your progress.

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Last year I decluttered 2023 items from my home and checking each item off my list gave me so much momentum! Join so many who are declaring 2024 their year of less clutter and decide now to declutter 2,024 items from your home within the next year.

Click below to sign up and gain access to my FREE printables vault where you can find all sorts of fun declutter printables as well as the newest 2,024 Items in 2024!

Remember, decluttering is not about perfection; it’s about creating a more peaceful and manageable environment. By incorporating these tips into your everyday routine, you can transform decluttering from a daunting task into a natural part of your daily life.



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